Analyst recommendations

Analyst recommendations (last 3 months)

Analyst recommendations (last three months)

Entity Recommendation Target Price Date
Kepler Cheuvreux Outperform 22.00 30/11/2017
Mirabaud Outperform 21.10 29/11/2017
JB Capital Markets Outperform 24.50 29/11/2017
BPI Outperform 22.40 27/11/2017
Haitong Outperform 21.00 24/11/2017
Insight Outperform 34.00 17/11/2017
Deutsche Bank Hold 19.80 16/11/2017
Raymond James Outperform 22.00 15/11/2017
Kempen Outperform 21.90 15/11/2017
N+1 Equity Outperform 21.24 08/11/2017
RBC Capital Markets Hold 20.00 03/11/2017
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Outperform 23.50 02/11/2017
Banco Santander Hold 21.50 27/10/2017
Societe Generale Outperform 23.60 27/10/2017
Renta4 Outperform 21.00 27/10/2017
BBVA Outperform 20.00 27/10/2017
Morgan Stanley Outperform 25.00 26/10/2017
Berenberg Outperform 24.00 26/10/2017
Fidentiis Outperform 20.60 26/10/2017
BNP Paribas Outperform 19.60 26/10/2017
Goldman Sachs Outperform 22.00 26/10/2017
UBS Outperform 21.50 20/10/2017

Analyst that cover Ferrovial

Entity Analyst
Ahorro Corporación Financiera Álvaro Aristegui
Bankinter Jesús Amador
BBVA Antonio Rodriguez
BEKA Finance Rafael Fernández de Heredia
Haitong Almudena Gonzáles de Canales
BNP Paribas Nicolas Mora
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Marcin Wojtal
BPI Bruno Silva / Filipe Leite
Kepler Cheuvreux Joaquin Ferrer
Citigroup Andrew Light
Fidentiis Pepa Chapa
Goldman Sachs Patrick Creuset
Deutsche Bank Guillermo Fernández
Insight Robert Crimes
JB Capital Markets Daniel Gandoy
Kempen Thomas Van der Meij
Caixa Bank Santiago Molina
Mirabaud Javier Mielgo
Morgan Stanley Alejandra Pereda
Alantra Equities Jose Ramón Ocina
Raymond James Mehdi Boudokhane
RBC Capital Markets Andrew Jones
Renta4 Angel Pérez
Banco Santander Vittorio Carelli
Societe Generale Victor Acitores
UBS Bosco Ojeda

Legal Notice

Ferrovial is covered by the analysts whose reports are listed below. Please note that any opinion, estimate or projection relating to Ferrovial made by those analysts are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions, estimates or projections of Ferrovial or its management. Ferrovial accepts no liability for such information or for the conclusions and recommendations which the analysts may make.