Our projects

The milestones in Ferrovial's history are linked inseparably to projects which involved not just financial and technical risk but also a factor of innovation, change and foresight, the levers that contribute to expanding frontiers and creating progress for the company.

To develop innovation in our businesses, we have defined seven priority areas of action: airports, water, toll roads, smart cities, innovative construction, energy efficiency, and waste recovery. Multidisciplinary teams work on the challenges within those categories to ensure that innovation advances effectively in our four lines of business: Services, Toll Roads, Construction and Airports.


We work to provide innovative solutions for the efficient delivery of urban and environmental services, as well as infrastructure maintenance, meeting the present and future demands of customers and citizens.

Toll Roads

We employ new technologies to improve the characterization of users and increase the accuracy of traffic forecasts and the development of new, easier and more agile means of payment.


We apply innovative techniques that improve productivity, mobility and quality in the works, looking after the safety and health of people and mitigating environmental impact.


We focus on projects to improve passenger experience and achieve operational excellence airports we manage.


At the Ferrovial Innovation Awards 2012 prize giving ceremony, the eight finalists received their awards. And the winning project in this first edition of the awards was identified.