New day-care centre for vulnerable children and families at risk of social exclusion and conflict in Málaga

A new day-care centre run by Aldeas Infantiles SOS in Málaga will provide support for vulnerable families with children aged between 3 and 12 and at risk of social exclusion. The Centre will care for the integral development of the children through the provision of education and a strengthening of family and social support networks.

  • 250 Beneficiaries
  • 9 months Duration
  • 40.606 € Budget

Current situation

In the current context of severe and protracted crisis, children are the first to suffer, especially when living in families where parents have lost their jobs and family income decreases, potentially affecting the quality of food and education, or when family relations break down.

The Aldeas Infantiles SOS day-care centres provide support to families who are suffering dramatic situations such as eviction from their homes, unemployment, and lack of financial resources. Support is provided in looking for employment and taking better care of their children, by covering basic needs for food, clothing and school equipment until such a time as the family is again able to provide these. Children are thus protected within their own environment, making it possible for them to remain with their families and avoiding the need to take other more radical protection measures.

The project

A new Aldeas Infantiles SOS day-care centre will become operational in Málaga early in 2017, to provide support for vulnerable families with children aged between 3 and 12 and at risk of social exclusion, and/or families where children are returning after a period in which legal custody had been withdrawn. Referrals will be mainly down to the town council’s Social Services. The project will allow the opening and operation of the centre, as well as provide necessary equipment (furniture, educational materials, kitchenware and general décor, etc.).

This centre aims to boost integral child development through educational intervention and strengthening of family and social networks, offering support to families at times of the day when such support in fulfilling their parental duties of protection and education is most needed.

General information:

Applicant NGO
Aldeas Infantiles SOS España
Location of project
Málaga, Spain