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Long Clean Surface, the Solution to COVID-19


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    Non-porous surfaces

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Long Clean Surface is a specific formulation for treating surfaces, particularly suitable for public spaces, means of transport and infrastructures to protect them against COVID-19. The solution generates a permanent coating on the materials that means that if a surface is contaminated by Coronavirus, it is eliminated.

By generating that permanent adhesion, the product has environmental advantages as it enables cleaning and disinfection processes to be more spaced out in time, thus generating less chemical waste into the environment.


  • National Institute of Toxicology Registry. UFI number: Q300-D0YG-4002-G8ES.
  • Long Clean Surface is effective against COVID-19 in the Coronavirus infection test following the standard ISO 21702:2019. Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

Characteristics and Application

  • Aspect: Clear aqueous solution. Easy to use and safe.
  • Dosis: Estimated 30 gr/m2 on non-porous surfaces.
  • Available format: it is sold in containers of 25 l., 5 l., y 1 l.
  • Application methode: Spraying with mechanical pressure equipment with droplet size of 0-50 microns. Apply with individual protection glasses, gloves and a mask.


This is a solution developed by Ditecpesa, for more information access the contact section here.

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