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Wondo: every mobility option in just one app.

Madrid, Spain

WONDO Website

Wondo is a start-up from Ferrovial that offers premium mobility services in the Moovit app (a worldwide leader as a public transit planner) to help you find city routes using your preferred mode of transportation: metro, bus, carsharing, moto-sharing, scooters, or bikes.

Wondo was born at Ferrovial with the goal of improving mobility in cities around the world. We want to offer residents a free, flexible, sustainable way to get around town by making every transportation alternative available in one place so they can choose the one that suits them best.

How? By connecting operators, users, and the city with technology to help them get anywhere they want in a fast, safe, efficient way. Everyone wins!

Wondo believes in everything that is connected: shared mobility, public transit, and electric vehicles for attaining a planet that is inhabitable for us all and an efficient culture for getting around in cities.

That’s why you have complete freedom of movement, all sorts of mobility options, and plenty of benefits on just one site.

The more you move, the more you win

This start-up offers our users the first mobility rewards program, rewarding your way of getting around efficiently and sustainably. The more you move, the more benefits, gifts, and rewards you get.

Thanks to our agreement with Moovit, a leading company in mobility as a service (MaaS), all of our vehicles are located on the same map so that you can clearly see the best route to get to your destination. You can also take advantage of our own trip planner, which provides you with all the information you need about wait times and transfers to help you manage your time seamlessly, regardless of the mobility option you choose.

More money, fewer emissions

By now, you’re probably wondering what else is in for you.

Not only do our different alternatives save you time – they save you money, as well!

The more you use our app to keep moving, the more benefits and rewards you will get with our Wondo Tickets.

These mobility tickets can be redeemed for carsharing, moto-sharing, electric scooters… (emov, ZITY, eCooltra, Voi). To use them, you just have to copy the Wondo Ticket code and paste it in the operator app you want to use. It’s that easy!

Just for registering with Wondo, we’ll give you a €5 welcome gift to use with your operator of choice and to try out what we have to offer!

Also, for every 9 Wondo Ticket you buy, the 10th one is free. What’s more, every week you’ll find plenty of promotions and rewards.

Are you ready?

  • Download Moovit (look for us in the menu)
  • Sign up with Wondo and get €5 free
  • Buy more Wondo Tickets and enjoy our discounts
  • Choose how you want to get around
  • Don’t stop moving!

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