Our team

Ferrovial has made a commitment to its employees to develop an integrating approach that guarantees the strength of the various businesses while enhancing its professionals' capabilities.

  • 95,978 employees
  • 78.26% on indefinite contracts
Equipo Ferrovial

The combination of talent and commitment on the part of Ferrovial’s professionals is one of the key factors underlying its success as a world leader in infrastructure management. For that reason, the professional development of all the people in the company within an increasingly global context, coupled with horizontal movement of talent, are strategic priorities within a framework that guarantees equal opportunities on the basis of merit.

Our team, in numbers

As detailed in our Annual Report, Ferrovial had 96,001 employees at the end of 2016. 78.26% were on indefinite contracts. 

58% of our employees work outside Spain. The United Kingdom accounts for 19%, Australia for 16%, Poland for 6%, North America and Canada for 4%, Chile for 5% and 8% for the rest. Overall, Ferrovial is present in more than 25 countries.



A combination of talent and commitment from Ferrovial employees has been a cornerstone of the company’s success. Its strategic priorities include promoting the professional development of all people making up the company, together with cross-sector talent management and the internationalization of employee profiles. This provides a framework capable of guaranteeing equal opportunities on the basis of merit.

  • 81% commitment
  • 83% general satisfaction
  • 75% leadership style

Vision and Values of Ferrovial

Visión y valores

In the words of our Chairman, Rafael del Pino: “over more than six decades, Ferrovial has distinguished itself in particular because of its outstanding professionals. Their hard work, expertise and creativity have enabled us to overcome complex challenges and leverage opportunities, transforming individual skills into collective achievements.

Ferrovial, as a leader in the infrastructure and services sector, will contribute to improving the future of society with its ongoing commitment to talent, integrity, safety, excellence and innovation“.

Vision and Values of Ferrovial