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Principle Contractor Manager

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Posted on 26 August, 2020

Calvert, South East, United Kingdom

Long term


About us

Ferrovial Construction is the engineering and construction arm of the Ferrovial Group. It is the largest private transport infrastructure operator in the world in terms of capital invested with a workforce of approximately 96,000 employees, and a presence across 15 countries with over 60 years’ experience. It is a Spanish multinational company operating through 4 divisions; Airports, Highways, Construction and Building subsidiaries. Ferrovial are committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions, with the aim to create value for society, and for clients, investors and employees.

The role

We’re seeking a Principle Contractor Manager who has the experience and background managing and coordinating the works across sections related to the HS2 project.

Key accountabilities

• PC Manager role will manage and coordinate the works across C23 in relation to JV and its Sub-contractors as well as HS2 contractors working in the same geographical area under JV’s PC licence.
• Will work closely with the Land Access Coordinator to establish which land parcels will be received by Ferrovial and thereafter will manage and coordinate as the Principle Contractor all Contractors working within these land areas.
• PC Manager will be responsible for receiving and accepting the PC role to land parcels, working closely with the Land Access Coordinator
• PC Manager will produce and update the Principle Contractor Management procedure & ensure all Contractors are briefed on the process for accessing JV’s PC controls areas. • Establish Weekly PC coordination meetings with all Contractor / Stakeholders wanting to access the land and manage and coordinate all interfaces, ensuring all information is captured (using GIS, Drawings, spreadsheets etc…) and minutes taken and distributed to all parties that are present.
• PC Manager will make the final decision as required as to who, what, where and how access will be granted to particular land areas.
• PC Manager will be responsible for managing and coordinating a look ahead programme of coordination between Contractors and managing a T minus countdown process which each contractor will need to adhere too.
• The PC Manager will lead a team of circa 5 PC Coordinator

Skills & experience

• Strong experience of dealing with multiple clients, forms of contract and methods of measurement
• Ability to build and maintain client relationships
• Possess strong commercial negotiation skills and experience of managing and leading a team to achieve multiple objectives
• Strong leadership skills
• Business and Strategic awareness
• Proven record of achieving results

Additional Information

Location: Calvert

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