How the Ombudsperson Process works

The purpose of this process is to provide all stakeholders with a direct line of communication with the management and governing bodies by which they may relay any matters or report irregularities, non-compliance or behavior which might violate ethical or legal standards.

Once this communication has been received, the following steps will be taken:


In order to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics, Procedures and Protocols, Ferrovial is extending its Ethical Channel -in operation since 2004- to include a new Ombudsperson Process available on the corporate webpage. This makes it possible for complainants to inform and document via Internet any possible irregularities or conduct contrary to law, with the aim of enabling -anonymously if desired- an investigation by its Management Committee. Ferrovial guarantees that the software tools used in this Process will at all times protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the complainant, if so desired.