Transactions carried out by Ferrovial, S.A. under its share buy-back programme between 2 and 8 June 2017 Published on 09/06/2017

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Buy-back programmes, stabilisation and treasury stock

Pursuant to the Consolidated Text of the Spanish Securities Market Act (Texto Refundido de la Ley del Mercado de Valores), FERROVIAL, S.A. (the Company or FERROVIAL) reports the following:

Reference is made to our communication of 4 May 2017 (registration number 251,509) relating to the buy-back programme of the Company’s own shares approved by the Board of Directors of FERROVIAL in accordance with the authorisation granted by the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting held on 5 April 2017, under item eight of the agenda (the “Buy-back Programme”).

Pursuant to article 5.1 b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, of 16 April 2014, on market abuse, and articles 2.2. and 2.3 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052, of 8 March 2016, supplementing Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, with regard to regulatory technical standards for the conditions applicable to buy-back programmes and stabilisation measures, we hereby inform you that between 2 and 8 June 2017, the Company has carried out the following transactions over its own shares under de Buy-back Programme:


DateSecurityTransactionNº. of sharesWeighted Average price (€)

Detailed information of the transactions carried-out within the referred period is attached as Annex.

This information is provided to you for the appropriate purposes.

Madrid, 2 June 2017

Santiago Ortiz Vaamonde

Secretary of the Board of Directors of Ferrovial, S.A

English translation for information purposes only. In the event of discrepancies between the English and the Spanish version, the Spanish version shall prevail.

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Detail of the transactions carried out within the context of the share buy-back programme between 26 May and 1 June 2017:

DateTransactionSecurityNo. of shares PriceBroker
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC20320.365Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,57320.37Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC17720.375Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC28020.38Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,02120.395Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC56820.4Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC73520.405Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,11420.41Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,82420.415Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,26320.42Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,68120.425Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC24520.43Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC55320.435Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,37920.44Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC37520.445Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,09520.455Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC16420.335Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC53520.35Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,41620.355Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC90220.36Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,26320.39Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC77620.46Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC24520.47Societe Generale
02/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC61320.475Societe Generale
05/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC7,00020.25GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
05/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC9,00020.22GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
05/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC6,00020.27GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
05/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC3,00020.26GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
06/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00020.17GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
06/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00020.2GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
06/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00020.135GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
06/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC9,00020.22GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
06/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00020.275GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,50020.08GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,50020.09GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC49120.1GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,00020.105GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC3,50020.12GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC3,50020.14GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,00020.17GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,50020.135GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC6,50020.125GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,00020.185GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,50920.215GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
07/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,00020.155GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,00019.91GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC6,00019.925GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC6,00019.935GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC9,00019.94GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00019.945GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00019.95GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,00019.955GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,00019.96GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,00019.97GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC2,99119.975GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC9,00919.98GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC4,00019.895GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC50019.89GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA
08/06/2017PurchaseFER.MC1,50019.965GVC Gaesco Beka SV, SA


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