"Ferrovial is committed to an approach in which innovation as a key factor for entrepreneurship and to leading the transformation in infrastructure in the 21st century". Rafael del Pino, Chairman of Ferrovial.


Innovation is a strategic tool to respond to global challenges facing the infrastructure sector: increases in population in cities, problems of congestion and pollution, energy efficiency … That is why we promote innovation constantly and systematically, through more than 100 projects aimed to create wealth in a sustainable way, improving our productivity and supporting economic development.


To enrich the internal processes of innovation, our model is based on a policy of open innovation, aimed at creating an ecosystem of partners in the community. This exchange with the outside includes all types of organizations: government, innovation centers, large enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs



Zuritanken is a programme created by Ferrovial for driving a culture of innovation amongst its staff, with the aim of recognising talent and innovative ideas which have the potential of being implemented to increase productivity and efficiency within processes and generate new business opportunities.

The Zuritanken programme aims to recognise the talent of staff who want to go beyond expected performance to contribute new solutions and share them with the organisation.

The best ideas are shortlisted after undergoing several anonymous evaluation processes. Different groups of experts, selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and vision, as well as different steering committees, carry out subsequent evaluations based on novelty, potential value and feasibility criteria.

The third edition of the programme can be considered a resounding success, due to both the number of ideas submitted (more than 1,400) and the number of participants (over 1,700 people). The initiative has won Ferrovial the digital talent award in the 2nd edition of the financial newspaper Expansion’s Awards for 50 best digital initiatives.

An award ceremony is held to recognise the shortlisted ideas and proclaim the winner. Here, participants receive an award sculpture and have the opportunity to share the vision of their ideas with the company’s executive management and other shortlisted colleagues. The following link provides information on the Award Ceremony 2016.