NOx, SOx and Other Significant Atmospheric Emissions

The emission of other gaseous pollutants for 2014 is calculated based on fuel and electricity consumption.
NOx, SOx and other significant atmospheric emissions
Emissions from boilers
NOx (Tn) 115.64
CO (TN)  46.03
COVNM (Tn)  11.23
SOx (TN)  154.57
Particles (Tn) 30.39
Emissions caused by motor vehicles
CO (TN)  1,455.16
COVNM (Tn) 203.41
NOx (TN) 1,030.84
Particles (Tn) 137.67
Emissions caused by electricity
NOx (Tn) 147.03
CO (TN) 60.42
COVNM (Tn) 1.13
SOx (TN) 220.61
Partículas (Tn) 12.45
Emissions from mobile equipment used in construction works
CO (g/kg) 6,053.80
COVNM (g/kg) 647.26
SOx (g/kg) 2,268.43
Particles (g/kg) 88.74