Relations with Stakeholders

Ferrovial maintains a fluid relationship with the most relevant stakeholders, emphasizing those that are or may be involved in the main climatic risks of the Company's activities worldwide or those that have regulatory influence, or those that may influence the development of new business opportunities.

Relationships with analysts and investors specializing in Socially Responsible Investment (ISR), civil society spokespersons (mainly NGOs and trade unions), governments and regulators, as well as local communities, are particularly important.

In the particular case of NGOs and other representatives of civil society, Ferrovial seeks projects of common interest with some of the most important conservation organizations, such as the World Wildlife Found (WWF) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC has been supported by ecological groups on a global scale and in which Ferrovial joined as a partner in 2012.

The company also works closely with institutions linked to the Public Administration; This is the case of its long-term collaboration with the Biodiversity Foundation, within the scope of the Global Change Monitoring Network, specifically with the project Global Monitoring of Change in National Parks, which also involves the Spanish Office on Climate Change, the Meteorology Agency and the National Parks institute. Another example of collaboration is the “Plan Adapta” project.

Ferrovial is a member of the EU Corporate Leader Group which is a group of leading companies working together with the Prince of Wales leadership and with the support and advice of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) with the conviction of finding solutions to combat Climate Change together with legislators and companies in the European Union and globally. We are also members of the EU Green Growth Group, an organization where representatives from civil society, academia and the business world advise the European Commission on the future of the economic and environmental agenda for the 2030 and 2050 horizons. Ferrovial signed the commitment to join the Spanish Green Growth Group (GECV) which began in late 2014 and since 2015 has headed the Spanish Green Growth Group.

Continuing in this strategic line of innovation and development, the company continues its commitment to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to collaborate on projects to create future infrastructure and emission reduction.

Since February 2017 Ferrovial is a partner of Climate-KIC via the Spanish node. Ferrovial’s participation in this European network is an example of collaboration between the Directorate of Safety and Health, Quality and Environment, and the Innovation and Processes Department. This collaboration allows aligning strategic interests in the field of Environment and climate change, and the commitment to the Group’s Innovation.

Ferrovial is also part of the Climate Change Cluster promoted by Foretica. The initiative is a business meeting point in leadership, knowledge, exchange and dialogue in this area, made up of 48 large Spanish companies, among which are one-third of the companies listed in Ibex 35.

On the other hand, the recent incorporation of the company as a strategic ally to the #PorElClima Community has also taken place, in order to help create a community of people and entities that act to stop climate change through the development of communication actions of initiatives and the programming of the platform.