Zuritanken, Innovative Idea Generation Programme

Zuritanken is a programme aimed at the generation of innovative ideas, created by Ferrovial top management and open to all employees for driving a culture of innovation amongst staff.

Zuritanken, Ferrovial’s internal innovation ideation programme

Zuritanken, Ferrovial’s internal innovation ideation programme, aims to promote the generation of ideas for providing solutions to the challenges arising from company operations. Additionally, it seeks to recognise innovative talent, by rewarding and recognising the best applicable ideas. An award ceremony is held where various in-kind prizes are awarded to shortlisted ideas and the winner is proclaimed.

The programme is held every two years, with the first edition taking place in 2012. The third edition, held in 2016, can be considered a resounding success, due both to the number of ideas submitted (over 1,400) and the number of participants (over 1,700). The initiative has won Ferrovial the digital talent award in the 2nd edition of the financial newspaper Expansión’s awards for the top 50 digital initiatives.

How does Zuritanken work?

The programme is structured around challenges in the company’s business lines (Services, Construction, Airports, Toll Roads), with the last edition also including a global, cross-cutting challenge. Each participant may, individually or in a group, submit any number of ideas aimed at solving such challenges. Ideas are shortlisted after undergoing several anonymous evaluation processes. Different groups of experts, selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and vision, as well as different steering committees from the different business lines and Ferrovial as a whole, carry out subsequent evaluations based on novelty, potential value and feasibility criteria.

For each edition, Ferrovial commits to implementing the winning and shortlisted ideas that improve productivity and process efficiency and generate new business opportunities. Implementing teams are comprised by the persons submitting the ideas and heads of the relevant business units or departments.