Agreements with the MIT and other universities


In line with our open innovation strategy, since 2010 we have been working with the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under a research and innovation agreement. The goal is to work together on research projects that seek to transform cities and develop the infrastructures of the future. Backed by over $5 million in funding, the projects focus on such areas as smart cities, water treatment and energy efficiency.

In parallel, Ferrovial works actively with other universities to drive innovation. They include Spanish universities such as Alcalá, Cantabria, Girona, Granada, Rey Juan Carlos and Valladolid, and universities in the UK such as Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle. In the United States, as well as the projects with MIT, our innovation team is working with the University of Texas at Austin.

MIT website

Support for start-ups and entrepreneurs

CdC Medio Ambiente

We see start-ups as having the space and speed needed to experiment with disruptive ideas. For that reason, we work with the brightest entrepreneurs to connect them with the organization and accelerate the innovation process. In the last year, we participated in the second edition of Spain Startup & Investor Summit. We were also involved in the regional edition of IBM Smartcamp. We participated in Pasion>ie for the forth consecutive year.

Support for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures (CI3)

CI3 Ferrovial

The Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation (CI3) is a pioneering business initiative in its field, based on a “Triple Helix” approach that integrates private enterprise (Ferrovial) with the academy (Alcalá University) and government (Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government). Through CI3, we cut the distance between knowledge generated through university research and its practical application in industry.

CI3 website