Innovation projects in Construction

Here you will find full details of R&D projects that Ferrovial is developing in its Construction division.

Just as our daily needs are changing, so construction and engineering companies must review and improve their traditional processes, taking in to account new technologies to ensure they maintain their position as leaders in the industry. Governments, developers and end-users are demanding safer, more cost-effective and sustainable solutions, delivered faster and to a higher quality – and without “innovation”, we will not be prepared to provide the answers they are looking for.

Research & Development and Innovation are a catalyst for the growth and success of Ferrovial Agroman, and have helped us to adapt and grow in the marketplace. The diversity of our company and the challenges we face – the different types of projects we manage, our geographical spread, multiculturalism, multidisciplinary teams and even the nature of each one of our clients – all form the perfect environment to encourage innovation. This is one of the reasons why we have split our R&D and Innovation function in to two different departments which work in close collaboration: The R&D Department is focused on investigating new technologies, techniques and methodologies, whilst our Innovation Department is dedicated to the implementation of strategic, innovative work-streams identified as key for the construction of sustainable infrastructures. In this way, we ensure that we complete the lifecycle of innovation from the identification of the idea to its final implementation.

Ferrovial Agroman understands that thinking together is a key ingredient for success and because of this, we work hand-in-hand with the other business units of the Ferrovial Group to promote the innovative spirit amongst our employees by participating in Zuritanken – a bi-annual competition to generate new, innovative ideas. In the last edition of the awards, the worldwide winning ideas that have now been combined in to one project were presented by members of Ferrovial Agroman:

Construction challenge

However, although we know that being innovative is within our DNA and is therefore one of the main drivers that has allowed the company to become what it is today, we also recognise that though innovative thinking may be innate to some, it can also be developed and strengthened through practice. For this reason, in Ferrovial Agroman, we are proud of our internal initiative to promote, foster and capture the innovations being designed, created and implemented on our projects – the Innovate Construction Awards – an annual competition to gather information about the innovations that have already been implemented on site. Since the awards were launched in 2013, almost 400 innovative practices have been presented, of which 104 have been awarded as winners.



Includes the projects to develop technologies, processes and products that enhance productivity and environmental sustainability of the construction activity in all its facets.

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In order to incorporate new technologies into this area, new water treatment processes are being developed and existing processes are being enhanced in projects related to energy and process optimization in the fields of seawater desalination through reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment.