R&D projects at our Toll Roads

Here you will find full details of R&D projects that Ferrovial is developing in its Toll Roads division.

The development of new tolling schemes is a reality in the ManagedLanes project, which allows for variable tolls on different road sections as well as toll collection without requiring traffic to stop. It also involves other innovative mechanisms that allow for superior energy efficiency and the provision of new Internet services to users.

At the toll road concessions in Texas, Cintra is implementing the Drive on DFW application for declaring high-occupancy vehicles via messages from mobile devices. This will simplify the procedure for identifying vehicles with two or more occupants. The road safety and sustainable lighting proposal involves implementing LED-based lighting systems.

Other projects

  • FOTsis: Field testing for safe, smart, sustainable road operation.
  • TOLLFLOW: A system for detecting and managing queues at toll plazas.
  • TOBOSO: Toll Operating Back Office System Common Platform.
  • FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprint reading for vehicles.
  • MANAGED LANES: Dynamic tolling.
  • FENIX: Strategic research for safer, more sustainable highways.
  • INTELVIA: Integrated control, signage and communication system for safe, smart operational management traffic in services and infrastructure.
  • TRUCKS KEY DECISION FACTORS: Key factors for heavy vehicles to choose tolled lanes.
  • DAVAO: Detection of high-occupancy vehicles.
  • VIDEOVERIFICACIÓN: Video system for verifying traffic, with images being interpreted using artificial vision.
  • NUEVOS MEDIOS DE PAGO: New means of payment on infrastructures.
  • DAVID: Automatic detection of fraudulent actions on automatic toll lanes.
  • SAVE: Advanced on-ramp system.
  • INFOCOEX: Computerised system for managing roads in order to enhance service levels and reduce costs in upkeep and maintenance.

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