Broadspectrum awarded for workplace safety initiative at SISA Awards Published on 04/01/2018

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broadspectrum awarded at SISA awards

Ferrovial Services‘ Australian subsidiary won the Best Health and Safety Solution award at the Self-Insurers of South Australia (SISA) awards. Broadspectrum‘s Light-City Buses team, which works on the Adelaide city bus line, and South Australia’s Department of Transport received the accolade for the design and development of a brake hub lifting tool.

The Broadspectrum team developed a bracket for use with a trolley jack capable of lifting 2,000 kg. The bracket secures the brake hub, enabling it to be removed and transported on the trolley jack. This means that the mechanic no longer has to extract and carry the hub by hand.

This system eliminates a strenuous operation that can cause back injuries and also poses risks for the mechanics’ hands. In addition, hub replacement can now be performed by a single mechanic, and the impact on the vehicles’ mechanics has been reduced.

The tool design was shared with the rest of the company through the Better Way programme to enable it to be replicated in other contracts.

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