Broadspectrum to design a fibre optic network for more than 150 cities in New Zealand Published on 28/03/2017

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Broadspectrum fibre optic fibre optic network new zealand australia

The Ferrovial Services subsidiary in Australia has also established a consortium with MPower to build solar farms.

Broadspectrum, the Australian subsidiary of Ferrovial Services, recently signed an 8-year contract with telecommunications company Chorus to design and build a fibre optic network in New Zealand. Broadspectrum will implement a new ultra-fast network in more than 145,000 buildings in 155 cities, as part of the Ultra Fast Broadband Extension (UFB2) program to extend optical fibre to 423,000 homes in New Zealand by 2024.

Focus on solar energy in Australia

Broadspectrum has also formed a consortium with MPower (a company specialized in solar energy) to identify new opportunities for designing large solar facilities in Australia. Broadspectrum will be in charge of building the facilities, while MPower will carry out design and engineering.

About Broadspectrum

Ferrovial Services completed the acquisition of Australian company Broadspectrum in May 2016. This operation contributed about 1,400 million in revenues, 25,000 employees and a pipeline worth over 6,000 million, as well as geographical diversification, market knowledge and expertise in industries such as oil, gas, energy and telecommunications.

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