Broadspectrum carries out maintenance work on oil wells for the Santos Company Published on 16/05/2018

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Easternwell Vehicle

Through its subsidiary Easternwell, Broadspectrum has signed a one-year agreement to perform oil well maintenance in the eastern part of the State of Queensland (Australia).

Broadspectrum, the Australian subsidiary of Ferrovial Services, has signed an agreement with the oil company Santos to perform maintenance work on its wells in the state of Queensland (Australia). The work began in the month of April and will be carried out over a 1-year period. The agreement includes the possibility of four extensions of 6-months each.

Through Easternwell, a subsidiary of Broadspectrum, the team located in the city of Toowoomba has completed projects to improve the operational capacity of the Santos wells in the region. Among the tasks being carried out is the placement of a new drilling rig and restoration work on the oil well mast crane. In addition, to improve the safety and operability of the facility a new floor has been installed as well.

About Santos

The Santos Company is one of the leading independent producers in the Oil & Gas sector of the Asia-Pacific region. Its industrial operations and businesses are focused on Australia and Asia. The Australian company has its origins in the oil region of Cooper Basin. It currently has one of the most extensive areas of production and exploration in the oceanian country.

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