Broadspectrum to design Radio Network in New Zealand Published on 13/12/2016

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Design radio network New Zealand

Powerco, one of the leading gas and electricity companies in New Zealand, has selected the Australian subsidiary of Ferrovial Services to manage a telecommunications system in the country’s North Island.

Broadspectrum, Ferrovial Services subsidiary in Australia, has been selected by Powerco, one of New Zealand’s largest gas and electricity distributors, to design and build a leading telecommunications system for their electricity distribution network across the North Island, one of the two main islands of New Zealand.

Broadspectrum will design the radio network (through a digital, private, secure mobile network) and install 35 radio stations with DMR Tier III trunked system hardware. The new network will allow Powerco professionals to be connected at all times, which will result in greater security, especially when doing work in more remote areas.

Powerco is New Zealand’s second largest electricity and gas company with about 435,000 consumers. Powerco’s electricity and gas network is located in different areas of the country such as Western Bay of Plenty, Thames, Coromandel or Taranaki.

For more information: Broadspectrum to build Powerco radio network

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