25 years of Polish Association for Construction Industry Employers Published on 07/12/2017

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Budimex Award for Polish Association for Construction Industry Employers

The National Concert Hall in Warsaw was the venue for 2017’s gala and celebration of 25 years of activity for the Polish Association for Construction Industry Employers (Polski Związek Pracodawców Budownictwa).

The event was attended by representatives of the industry, including representatives of construction companies, state administration and environmental organisations. The gala included the awarding of honours to those who have contributed significantly to the development of infrastructure and the construction industry in Poland.

As part of the celebration, the Council of the Association awarded the Primus Inter Optimos prizes, i.e. the First Among the Best. These awards are given to highlight the construction companies within the industry who combine efficient management with support for economic and social initiatives, thus taking part in actions on the industry and environment. September’s event saw Budimex awarded among the winners of this prize.

You can learn more about Budimex by clicking here. More information about Ferrovial’s construction line can be found here.

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