Ferrovial awarded as the most innovative company by Capital magazine Published on 01/12/2017

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Ferrovial wins the most innovative company at capital awards

Ferrovial has been recognized as the most innovative company of the year, with an award from the Spanish economic magazine Capital. The delivery took place in the context of the V edition of the Capital Awards, held at the Real Casa de Correos de Madrid. Together with Ferrovial, the magazine has recognized Lenovo (company of the year); NH (best policy for reconciling work and family life); the PSA Group (best transparency policy); Paschal Quality (best CSR policy); Prosegur Cash (best exit on the Stock Exchange) and Rodilla (best promotion of employment).

Federico Flórez collected the award that recognizes the trajectory of Ferrovial and the company’s innovation strategy based on the participation of employees, institutions, entrepreneurs and research centers. that has counted on the presence of the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid, the President of the Circle of Entrepreneurs, among other personalities.

Ramón Gutierrez, president of the Capital Club, presented the award to Ferrovial, during the event that was conducted by the well-known journalist Antonio San José.

The content published on the Website in the News section does not constitute an official communiqué of Ferrovial; the company’s official announcements are published specifically in the Press Room as “Press Releases”.

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