Broadspectrum drills well for CO2 capture and storage Published on 29/06/2017

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Earlier this year, Easternwell, Broadspectrum’s subsidiary, signed a drilling services agreement with CO2CRC to support its environmentally vital research into carbon capture and storage technology. As part of this project, the company drilled a well to a depth of 1,600 metres in South West Victoria, Australia.

The research project, carried out together with CO2CRC’s Otway Research Facility, consisted of drilling a new well in the state of Victoria that reached a depth of 1,600 meters. As part of the research project, carbon dioxide was injected into the well to assist in the ongoing research of carbon capture and storage as a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2CRC has invested more than $100 million into the site over the past decade, and it is one of the best characterised carbon storage sites in the world. The site attracts the best global researchers who have made substantial breakthroughs in the storage and monitoring of carbon dioxide below ground.

Easternwell is a subsidiary of Broadspectrum, specialising in providing drilling, well servicing and remote mobile camp management services to the mining, oil and gas industries. The company’s depth of expertise, experience and capability enables it to deliver a full service offering to clients, including logistics and facilities management, consulting, construction, care and welfare, operations and maintenance and business support services. 

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