Ferrovial creates a Digital Hub for implementing its digital strategy within the company Published on 27/04/2016

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Ferrovial Digital Hub

Ferrovial has created a Digital Hub with the aim of making the most of the opportunities that have arisen from the digitalisation of society. Led by the company’s Information Systems and Innovation Department, together with the different business areas, the Hub will drive new business opportunities for Ferrovial.

The Human Resources Department will cooperate in identifying, managing and training digital talent within the company. The new HUB will comprise a team of experts specialising in emerging technologies (the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, drones, 3D printing, Customer Experience) who will provide organisation-wide support in the successful implementation of all digital strategy initiatives which are put in practice, together with a team of DataLab experts in charge of Big Data initiatives who will provide support to the rest of the departments. All of these activities will contribute to the process of digital transformation within company to enable us to operate in new scenarios.

Do you want to be part of the Digital Hub? Find out all the job opportunites available here

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