The Eco-park in Toledo treated 238,880 tons of urban waste in 2017 Published on 15/03/2018

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treatment urban waste eco-park toledo

2017 saw a significant improvement in the results of the environmental management of the main services contracted by the town councils, with a considerable increase in rubbish collection and urban waste treatment. Waste generated by more than 650,000 inhabitants in the province of Toledo was treated. GESMAT, a company in which Ferrovial Services has a 60% stake, has been in charge of managing these services for 20 years.

Innovation and environmental education

To cater for the increase in the collection of household rubbish, lightweight packaging, glass, paper and cardboard, we have introduced an innovative identification system of side-loading containers for packaging, which allows citizens to report incidents. Last year, 1,742 containers of this type were distributed.

And together with these innovative actions, Ferrovial Services continues to permanently support the environment and the conservation of the natural environment through awareness campaigns and environmental communication aimed at children from 202 primary schools in all the province.

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