Ferrovial Services and Ferrovial Agroman develop a new pavement for highways Published on 24/08/2017

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highway pavement zaragoza servicios agroman

Ferrovial Services and Ferrovial Agroman, through its sisters companies Autovía de Aragón Sociedad Concesionaria, S.A. And Ditecpesa S.A., have developed and are applying a new technological highway pavement composed of aggregate steel from steel slags and a special bitumen chemically designed for this type of aggregates. The new product has been developed and tested by the Alcalá de Henares laboratory at Ditecpesa and put into operation on the section of the A-2 motorway run by the concessionaire in Zaragoza.

The new highway pavement was applied last June 28 in 1 kilometer of the Autovía A2 that Ferrovial Services manages in the province of Zaragoza and is expected to be used generically for the actions in 2018.

The product has significantly improved mechanical properties compared to conventional bitumen, in addition to a high resistance at weather conditions, which translates into a special adaptation to the annual winter treatments that the concession has to carry out.

So that Ferrovial establishes a circuit that recycles the aggregates from steel companies, mitigating the consequent environmental impact; innovating with a new pavement not applied to date by the company and also gets a product that covers the highest demands in its mechanical performance, optimizing its efficiency in a general way.

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