Rafael Del Pino awarded La Razón’s Best Business Career Award Published on 07/06/2018

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Rafael del Pino

Rafael del Pino has been awarded the Best Business Career award by the newspaper La Razón at the 4th edition of the Tu Economía awards. The newspaper set out to recognize a career path that began at Ferrovial as an engineer in Libya and led to him reaching the company’s presidency in 2000, positioning Ferrovial as one of the world leaders in the operation and management of infrastructure.

Other companies recognized by La Razón at the awards included Cellnex (Best IBEX-35 Value), Cie Automotive (Best Stock Market Value), Altadis (Best HR Management), and Viesgo (Best CSR).

From the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, the award-winning companies were Scalpers, Housers, Trison and the CRE100DO acceleration platform.

The content published on the Website in the News section does not constitute an official communiqué of Ferrovial; the company’s official announcements are published specifically in the Press Room as “Press Releases”.

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