Ferrovial Serviços wins municipal services contract from Arouca City Council Published on 02/01/2018

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street cleansing arouca in portugal

Ferrovial Serviços has been awarded the municipal services contract in Arouca. The new contract, signed on 20 October, includes solid waste collection and transportation, street cleaning, and bin disinfection and maintenance in Arouca municipality.

The contract has a duration of one year with the possibility of extension up to three years; it is a continuation of the contract signed in 2014 between the company and the city.

The services will be delivered in 11 of the 16 parishes in the municipality, specifically: S. Miguel do Mato, Fermedo, Escariz, Mansores, Chave, Tropeço, Várzea, Rossas, Urrô, Sta. Eulália and União das Freguesias de Arouca e Burgo. The services are to be delivered in an area spanning 151 km2, which encompasses approximately 82% of the population of the Arouca municipality, estimated at 18,243.

The contract is expected to cover the collection of around 4,900 tons of unsorted waste per year, cleansing and disinfection of about 5,040 bins and dumpsters, and sweeping of 1,720 kilometres of streets.

The new contract reinforces the capacities, quality and commitment of Ferrovial Serviços in Portugal and its professionals in order to to fulfil clients’ needs and expectations.

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