Ferrovial features in the FTSE4Good Sustainability Index for the twelfth year running Published on 23/01/2017

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SRI and Sustainability Indexes FTSE4Good Sustainability

Ferrovial has once again appeared in the  FTSE4Good Sustainability Index following the rating’s half-yearly reconstitution in December 2016. This is Ferrovial’s twelfth year running in the index, which evaluates a company’s performance in terms of their Corporate Responsibility.

FTSE methodology features fourteen themes, distributed across the three pillars of ESG (Environment, Social and Government): Environmental (Climate Change, Pollution and Resources, Water Use, Biodiversity, and Supply chain with an environmental approach), Social (Labour Standards, Human Rights and Community, Health & Safety, Customer Responsibility, and Supply Chain with a social approach), and Governance (Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Anti-corruption, and Tax Transparency); with over 300 indicators. These criteria are reviewed every six months (June and December).

The FTSE4Good Series is designed to help investors integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions. The indexes identify companies that better manage ESG risks and are used as a basis for tracker funds, structured products and as a performance benchmark.

Find out more information about Ferrovial’s SRI and Sustainability Indexes here.

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