LBJ Express (Texas, USA) Published on 17/12/2013

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The LBJ Express is a public private partnership, with limited funding from taxpayer sources. The project will incorporate dramatic improvements to Interstate 635 (IH-635) andInterstate 35E (IH-35E) in Dallas County featuring rebuilt main lanes, a continuous frontage road system, and 13 new miles of managed toll lanes.

An Innovative Highway Solution

The LBJ Express is an ambitious project that will transform approximately17 miles of roadway in a five-yeartime period by working on several construction areas simultaneously.

During project construction, traffic must be moving at all times, with at least four lanes open in each direction and an exit always available during peak traffic times.

The current capacity of today’s LBJ Freeway will be nearly doubled with the creation of up to six new express managed lanes on IH-635 and four new managed lanes on portions of IH-35.

Managed Lanes Explained

toll road charges a fixed price that remains constant at all times of day but does not guarantee predictable travel times, thus keeping traffic moving.

Drivers in managed lanes, or express toll lanes, will see tolls adjust based upon the average speed or number of drivers who want to use the express lanes.

During non-peak driving times, the average tolls will be less than during rush hour. Dynamic pricing provides a traffic management tool that will guarantee drivers a predictable, higher-speed commute.

The conceptual design of the project will give drivers the option to pay a toll and use the managed lanes system, or utilize the newly constructed general purpose lanes.

LBJ Express Wins Awards for Innovation

The LBJ Express has received recognition and awards because of the unique and historical financing method for securing the $2.7 billion infrastructure funds needed for the project.

It became the first privately-funded road development project of its kind in the country to attain financial close in June 2010, achieving that benchmark ahead of schedule. Additionally, it is the largest public private partnershipgreenfield project in the history of the United States.

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