Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Airport plays a crucial role in the UK’s aviation sector. It has several terminals, including a regular passenger flight terminal, a dedicated charter terminal serving the oil industry, and a helicopter terminal, making it Europe’s busiest commercial heliport.

  • 19 airlines
  • 45 destinations
  • 3.1M passengers/year
  • 79,900 flights/year

The airport is the gateway to Europe’s energy capital, serving more than three million travellers a year, with flights to around 45 destinations by 19 airlines. It is the world’s busiest commercial heliport, transporting more than 3.1 million passengers a year in support of the North Sea oil and gas industry. Aberdeen Airport is a key economic driver in the region, contributing over £110 million to the local economy over recent years.

General information

Aberdeen Airport
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
3.1 millon