Changify, a great app for reporting incidents in urban areas

Development of a social network to facilitate a conversation between the local community and Amey; to understand the community’s prioritised issues and opportunities with the highways network.

  • 150 members of the road-using community in the network
  • 1 start-up
  • 1 university

Project description

Amey proposed the challenge of engaging the citizen in the Urban Service delivery for the Connected Cities contest from Innovate UK. Design for Social Change (D4SC) was the awarded company because of its solution Changify. Innovate UK is sponsoring D4SC to conduct development work in order to implement the trial. This pilot aimed to trial Changify –a real time- mobile platform that filters and harnesses crowd-sourced data to engage communities directly. It is the only software in the United Kingdom that allows local residents to report issues by taking pictures on their phone then sharing the issue with other app users who can vote on what affects them the most.

The community, ‘recruited’ using different retail outlets and via students from the University of Plymouth, downloads an app and they report issues and opportunities on it, related to the scope of Amey’s highways contract e.g. potholes, broken street lights but also suggestions for traffic signal timing changes and improvement to public realm. The development of service priorities, schedules and frequencies tends to be as a result of a bilateral conversation between the Council and service provider. The opportunity, that Changify gives, is to listen to the community; what they are interested in and what is most important. The Changify platform has been tested on a highways contract but could, equally, be applied to any service that impacts the public.

The objective is to engage a sample community (cyclists, walkers and runners) to evaluate how they will support and get engaged with reporting data. Understand community priority of specific opportunities and support City Council by identification of issues and opportunities on the network.

General information

Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Plymouth City Council, Design for Social Change (D4SC) and University of Plymouth