How to improve street cleaning with innovation and citizen involvement. Ferrovial Services and Madrid City Council have implemented the Citizéntrica program in the Chamberí district. The aim is to position the center of Madrid as a benchmark in street cleaning by applying the latest technologies, data analysis and citizen involvement.

  • 100 hours interviews with neighbors
  • +70 best practices analyzed
  • 4 data registers analyzed

Citizéntrica involves cooperation between Ferrovial Services and Madrid City Council to improve the city’s position as an example of street cleaning in the Chamberí district. The solution is based on three key pillars: assessment of the situation and analysis of international best practices, citizen involvement; and application of the latest technologies and Smart information use.

In the first stage, more tan 100 hours of interviews were conducted with local resident in order to identify the main issues related to street cleaning; also 70 cases of international best practices were analyzed, from cities such as New York or Singapore, as well as evaluating the legal frame work and available information in the city. In the second stage, urban laboratory solutions were developed which focused on improving citizens’ experience and involvement, and adopting a dynamic data-driven approach to service delivery.

Feedback from citizens made it possible to map out new areas of action. Sensorisation and open data solutions were developed to obtain the necessary information for dynamic delivery. A total of 4 million data items were logged from more than 15 data sources. By applying analytical models to the information, a new tool was designed which enhances the efficiency and quality of service delivery, responding to citizen’s needs. In addition, the latest technologies in street cleaning were applied, such as the A1A3 robotic trolley.

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