A1A3: street-cleaning robot

A1A3 is a robotic street-cleaning trolley that is able to follow its operator, leaving them free to focus on sweeping, and thereby making their work faster and more comfortable.

  • 2 A1A3 units in Barcelona
  • 15% boosts productivity
  • 15 waste container capacity

Project description

A1A3 is a robotic system to assist street cleaners as they sweep streets manually. The trolley was designed to follow cleaners so that they can focus on the street sweeping task at hand. The trolley also makes waste collection easier as it features a hatch to tip sweepings into the bin on the operator’s instructions. When autonomous operation is not possible due to the specifics of the street section involved, the trolley has assisted traction to help the operator move it when filled with sweepings.

The goal of this project was to design and develop a robotic system to assist street sweepers with manual sweeping. The system had to comprise a main module (robotic trolley) and a remote control adaptable to various diameters of broom handle. This technology may be applied in Environmental Services, Facility Management, Utilities, Transportation, Natural Resources and Industry. It is currently in the process of being integrated into the street sweeping service contract for Western Barcelona.

The project’s main challenges were to design a robust, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic trolley, able to follow the operator’s movements or remote indications  and with a remote control adaptable to various broom handle sizes that did not hinder the normal use of the broom; it was also necessary to certify the robot’s performance.

The challenges overcome were to design and develop an innovative solution, identify our technological partner, conduct tests in controlled environments and a pilot test in a real-life environment, and, finally, incorporate it into the manual street cleaning systems of Ferrovial Services (contract for Western Barcelona).

General information

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