GLAdys, a robot with a heart

A humanoid robot in Glasgow Airport, the first ever to work in a British airport. This is part of the Digital Pax Experience project, which aims to improve Passenger experience through digital technology.

  • 2 Project stages
  • 300,000 Passengers
  • 1 nomination Moddies Awards

Ferrovial Airports and Glasgow Airport, together with Ferrovial’s General Directorate for IT and Innovation, is implementing the Digital Passenger Experience project aimed at enhancing passenger experience through digital technology. GLAdys is one of the solutions developed in 2017.

In December 2016 and January 2017, GLAdys interacted with airport users, providing a memorable experience for passengers and insight into their interaction with this type of robots. Following this first stage, GLAdys will return to Glasgow airport in May with new functionalities and solutions aimed at enhancing passenger experience.

Over the months of December 2016 and January 2017, GLAdys entertained passengers transiting the airport’s departure areas by singing Christmas songs and telling festive stories. GLAdys was also equipped with a selfie camera to take selfies with passengers, and those who wished could have their photo sent to their email address. This first experience allowed Ferrovial to gauge passenger reaction to such a special “customer service” staff member.

Following further fine-tuning, GLAdys will return in July 2017 with new functionalities and solutions integrated within the airport’s own systems.

GLAdys has been developed from commercial robot Pepper, the first humanoid robot capable of recognising human emotions and adapting its behaviour accordingly. GLAdys’ appearance is very different to that of other known robots. It has greater movement capacity than the R2D2, a more elaborate style than Wall-e, and much more refined behaviour than those of Futurama’s Bender. GLAdys’ functionalities can be adapted to any environment and it can therefore be easily used in other airports and/or infrastructures.

GLAdys is not the first “digital” member of the team at this Scottish airport. In 2015, Glasgow enrolled Holly the Hologram, a virtual assistant offering practical information and advice to passengers, so that they could more easily go through passport and security control

General Information

Glasgow Airport
Start date
December 2016 (1st Stage), July 2017 (2nd Stage)
9 months
Number of airlines operating
Number of passengers per year
9.4 m