Hefesto, energy efficiency system

A platform for energy efficiency that captures, stores and analyses data from energy projects managed by Ferrovial Services.

  • 3,473 items of equipment installed in buildings
  • 30+ energy services contracts
  • 6,000 variables monitored

The project’s first goal is to develop and implement a tool for storing and analysing data on Ferrovial Services energy services contracts and (at a later date) energy consuming facilities. The tool is capable of handling large volumes of data (Big Data) and connecting any type of device, and it is easy to use (Business Intelligence on Demand).

This tool brings together all the data in a single platform, focuses on the user role to enhance efficiency and productivity, works efficiently and has a high capacity to define and adapt the services contracted by each client; it logs and stores energy consumption data, regardless of the data capture method, and calculates contract operating costs (invoice simulation) and KPIs.

Hefesto, which has been operational since December 2016, is used in a number of contracts for energy services, facility management, treatment and sports services. The project will develop the OnData platform to integrate field instruments and will be used in a range of contracts.

General Information

HEFESTO, energy efficiency system
24 locations including Madrid, Santander, Bilbao, Valladolid and Las Palmas
Start date
December 2016
CGI, Dexma