Materials Recovery Facility in Cambridge

  • 100,000 t/year MRF capacity
  • 1,960 t/week Processing capability
  • 80% Operational time
  • 500 bales Of recyclable material per day

In 2014, Amey was awarded a five-year contract with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP) to process recyclable materials collected from households across Cambridgeshire. This contract maximizes the usage of the facility, helping the local authorities to achieve their recycling and cost saving targets. The location of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Waterbeach Waste Management Park, means it complements Amey’s other waste treatment facilities (Mechanical Biological Treatment, In-Vessel Composting and Landfill) which are also on site. This allows Amey to offer a comprehensive waste management service to our clients.

Sorting Technology

  • Hi-speed elevated news sorter and cardboard separator: Disk’s rotating on shafts push the applicable fraction upwards whilst other material falls through the shafts.
  • Ballistic separator: separates 2D from 3D materials.
  • Near infra-red polymer sorters (NIR’s): separates different types of plastic as well as paper.
  • Overband magnet: separates ferrous metals.
  • Eddy current separator: separates non-ferrous metals.
  • Glass breaker: crushes glass between rotating shafts which is then further cleaned by an air separation unit.
  • 8 sorting cabins: 15 staff per shift ensure quality on conveyor belts is high quality. Any reject material is removed.

General information

Materials Recovery Facility – Waterbeach, Cambridge
Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom)