Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park is a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility, which Amey has the contract to design, build and operate on behalf of Milton Keynes Council.

  • 2013-2031 Duration of contract
  • 140M GBP Total value of contract
  • 95% Reduce the amount of material going to landfill

The facility will use a combination of innovative technologies to process the borough’s residual municipal waste, which currently goes to landfill. Mechanical Treatment will be used to remove any additional recyclable materials such as metal cans or plastic bottles which have been left in the waste.

Any food or organic waste will be extracted and treated in an anaerobic digester to generate renewable energy and create a compost-like material for use on brownfield sites.

Finally, any remaining non-recyclable waste will be used as a fuel for an Advanced Thermal Treatment plant. This process will turn waste into a gas, which in turn is combusted to generate high temperature steam which creates renewable electricity in a turbine.

Construction began on Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park in June 2014. This is due to be completed in January 2016, when the facility will go through a rigorous testing process before becoming fully operational in September 2016.

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park is the first facility to use this combination of technology in England and Wales.

The facility will remove an estimated 9% of additional recyclable materials, and reduce the amount of material going to landfill by at least 95%. It will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 11,000 homes each year.

By creating a ‘waste hub’ in the Wolverton area of Milton Keynes, comprising this facility, a Materials Recycling Facility and vehicle depot, the journeys made by waste collection vehicles in the borough will reduce – creating carbon savings equivalent to around one million road trips from Milton Keynes to London.

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      Waste Recovery Park
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      January 2016