Photocatalytic purification panels in the Santiago de Chile underground

Lining of Santiago de Chile’s underground stations with vitreous enamel steel sheets incorporating a titanium dioxide-based catalyst

santiago de chile underground construction

Ferrovial Agroman is seeking to use vitreous enamel steel sheeting for lining Santiago de Chile’s underground stations. Such steel sheets are coated with a titanium dioxide-based catalyst which, upon reaction with light, triggers a chemical reaction which fixes NOx gases and converts them to (non-toxic) nitrates. In other words, this is a material which purifies the air with no energy consumption.

The following are amongst the environmental benefits of using vitreous enamel steel sheeting:

  • Removal of polluting substances in the air
  • No energy costs or added construction costs
  • Differentiating element versus the competition.

The proposal stems from the knowledge that there are manufacturers of photocatalytic concrete in Spain offering their products as a means of reducing pollution.

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Photocatalytic purification panels
Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Ferrovial Agroman