Data analytics in urban services: Santander City Lab

Research Centre on data analytics applied to urban environmental services in partnership with Santander City Council and the University of Cantabria to improve the efficiency and quality of delivery for the benefit of the city and citizens.

  • 190 millions sets of urban data
  • 11 cities analyzed
  • 192 operational levers identificated in terms of efficiency

Project description

Santander City Lab is an international benchmark of collaborative research between public and private institutions, providing an experimental platform for the development of innovative initiatives. Programme partners are the City Council of Santander, the University of Cantabria and Ferrovial Services.

Using purpose-built research methodology, the project shows that the intelligent use of information can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of urban services provision for the benefit of both city and citizens.

Santander City Lab project analyzes over 140 categories of information relevant to improving the services and develops an analysis pilot based on the analysis of 190 million sets of urban data.

The challenge is putting data-based management into practice. It requires the creation of quality city information platforms, new management models for services companies, service designs based on dynamic decision-making rather than static planning and a regulatory framework to allow access to urban information while at the same time guaranteeing privacy and adequate use thereof.

General information

Santander City Council and University of Cantabria