Siemsa: Technical services for the energy, petrochemical and industrial sectors

In 2016, Ferrovial Services Spain acquired Siemsa with a view to strengthening its presence in the engineering, construction, installation and equipment maintenance services market within the energy, petrochemical and industrial sectors.

  • +30 years of experience
  • 3 specialised divisions

Established in 1982, Siemsa specialises in electrical services for the industrial (petrochemical) and energy (power generation and distribution) sectors. It is active in Spain’s most important petrochemical hubs and in other major industrial cities. Its client portfolio features some of Spain’s leading companies, such as Repsol, Iberdrola, Endesa, Red Eléctrica de España (Spain’s electricity distribution network) and BP Oil, amongst others.

Siemsa is a part of Ferrovial Services Spain since 2016, and has significantly boosted company capacity in this sector. Ferrovial Services can therefore now provide for its clients the benefits of highly integrated technical services, and thereby greater operational efficiency.

A Structure Supporting Specialised Technical Services 

Siemsa’s strategy for providing high quality services to its clients is based on specialisation in three specific areas.

  • Energy, providing services to power substations, transformation centres and power lines.
  • Maintenance and construction, within the basic and chemical industrial sectors, oil and gas, and electricity generation.
  • Control and analytics systems, providing integrated measuring and analysis services for industrial facilities.

More specifically, Siemsa’s energy division provides multiple engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance services for all manner of electrical sector infrastructures. Its wide range of activities cover from delivery of turnkey projects (EPC) to more specific services such as control and protection engineering, operational tests on equipment and facilities, or preventive and corrective maintenance for high voltage power lines, amongst others.

The maintenance and construction division focuses on the provision of integral maintenance for electrical installations and equipment, as well as structural installations for different industrial facilities. In the oil and gas sector in particular, Siemsa provides services to refineries, the petrochemical industry and the warehouse and logistics industry. In the field of electricity generation, the division provides services to nuclear and combined cycle plants, as well as power and hydropower stations. This division also provides specialised services to the iron and steel industry, paper, dyes and fertilisers, biofuels and chemical industry in general.

The control and analytic systems division deals with the design, provision, maintenance and commissioning of integral analytics and control systems, as well as the design and implementation of predictive maintenance, monitoring and planning systems and technical assistance, as well as the distribution and installation of specialised measuring equipment.

Health and Safety as a Priority

Occupational safety is one of Siemsa’s strategic priorities. In this respect, the company is fully committed to a target of zero accidents at work. It invests in health and safety training for its staff, has its own tutoring programme, and continuous improvement and planning are two of its main concerns. Siemsa has obtained OHSAS 18001 certification in occupational risk prevention. 

Siemsa, a Benchmark within the Industrial Sector 

Given the wide diversity of services it provides and high degree of specialisation, Siemsa has built up a distinctive portfolio of services for the industrial and energy sector, with the capacity to provide integrated management services of high added value for its clients. This integration and specialisation strategy has turned Siemsa into one of the most important players in the sector.

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Siemsa: Technical services for the energy, petrochemical and industrial sectors
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