Modelling of mechanical separation systems

The project has developed a system based on genetic algorithms for optimising the design and operation of waste treatment plants in order to maximise revenue and minimise operating costs in Environmental Services. Implementing this solution provides economic added value and higher material recovery rates.

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  • 18 months

Project description

The project consists of developing software to optimise the design and operation of waste treatment plants, which will improve municipal waste recovery rates.The software, called “Modelling of Mechanical Separation Systems”, is based on a mathematical model that analyses waste separation operations and can predict variables such as recyclable waste composition and recovery efficiency as well as estimating costs and revenues per ton of recovered material.

The model is currently pending validation with real data. In the next phase, once sufficient representative data are available from treatment plants, the software will be validated and evaluated in actual use at a number of waste treatment plants operated by Ferrovial Services.

General information

Ecopark 4 (Toledo, Spain)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)