Citizen Waste Collection Lab

The Citizen Lab was devised to use direct experimentation with citizens to identify opportunities to efficiently and sustainably involve them in the delivery of municipal services and household recycling, through activities ranging from questionnaires to open interviews, unique experiments and a Centre for Experimentation.

  • 506 citizens
  • 12 days
  • 18 experiments

Project description

The Citizen Lab involved designing a total of 18 experiments in a number of activities based on the Lean Start-Up methodology to verify a number of analysis and research assumptions relating to household recycling and waste collection services. Once a selection had been made from a representative sample, citizens were able to experience what it feels like to compact their own household waste, and to understand the tangible value of everybody separating their waste. The experiment also revealed how much weight citizens are willing to carry to the neighbourhood bin, and the benefits of using an odour-free rubbish bin at home.

Lean Start-Up methodology enabled the Lab to be designed and implemented, distinguishing three main forms of experimentation; open validation interviews –  individual enquiries; experimentation centres – set of interactive experiments; and one-off experiments – field experiments. The Lab used a series of experiments to trigger feelings in citizens, identified areas for improvement in waste management and pinpointed the best ways to raise public awareness through initiatives that were new to the company and enabled us to overcome challenges such as the exclusive design of successful experiments, recruiting citizens and efficiently organising the logistics of satisfactorily handling visits by 506 members of the public.

General information

Murcia City Government

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