Corporate responsibility

2005 Annual Report




Ferrovial wants its business project to be internationally acknowledged, based on the following principles:
• Ethics and professionalism
• Implementation of corporate governance best practices
• Respect for, and protection and fostering of, human rights
• Mitigation of the environmental impact of our activities
• Hiring and motivation of the best human capital
• Health and safety of our employees
• Quality and continuous improvement in our processes and activities, and innovation
• Considering the value chain as an essential strategic factor in Ferrovial's sustainable development
• Transparency
• Contribution to the socio-economic development of the areas where we operate.

Those principles are materialised in the following lines of action:
• Foster leadership capacity and quality by establishing a code of ethics for our collaborators;
• Improve working conditions, and guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination among employees;
• Inform all the organisation's members of the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, and encourage employees to participate in solidarity projects;
• Encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to gradually adopt principles in line with this Declaration;
• Constantly enhance communication channels with stakeholders based on innovative corporate disclosures that envisage the triple bottom line (financial, environmental and social);
• Maintain and increase our customers' trust, exceeding their quality expectations in our construction work and services;
• Promote the implementation of standardised environmental management systems in Ferrovial's business lines;
• Advance in the design and implementation of systems that effectively prevent and reduce occupational risks and serve as a benchmark in the sectors in which we are involved;
• Design reliable instruments to measure the quality of the industrial relations, motivation and professional development of Ferrovial's employees in order to improve our work efficiency;
• Plan our social actions as an instrument to develop the society in the areas where Ferrovial operates;
• Foster innovation, scientific research and development projects as basic factors for our competitive success and the creation of differential value in the market;
• Collaborate with governments, NGOs and social partners in projects and activities related to social development, environmental protection and occupational safety;
• Adhere to the UN Global Compact principles in our activities.

For the fifth consecutive year, Ferrovial's Annual Report includes information relating to corporate social responsibility. Ferrovial's decision not to draft a separate sustainability report responds to the strategy of combining a commitment to responsible sustainable development in the financial area, the more traditional aspect of business, with social and environmental commitments. This strategy is supported by the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a globally accepted sustainability reporting model on whose criteria and indicators the content of Ferrovial's Annual Report is based.

In 2005, Ferrovial made considerable advances in its corporate responsibility commitments, including:
• in the first quarter of 2006, design and implementation of a plan to foster a work/life balance among employees;
• the Code of Business Ethics that was approved in 2004 was examined with a view to adaptation in order to comply with the requirements of international human rights regulations, specifically the United Nations' "Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights";
• a Strategic Plan for Purchasing was defined in order to responsibly manage the supply chain, including human rights criteria;
• the web site was made accessible in line with the AA standard of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI);
• implementation of the first web site to focus on the environment and sustainability for the infrastructure and services industries in Spain to foster knowledge, information and debate about more sustainable new construction models;
• Ferrovial was the first Spanish construction company to certify its RDI Management System to UNE166002 EX;
• training and transition to work and society of people with disadvantages: Plan Familia, Proyecto Arboretum, Fundación Integra, Programa Empresa y Discapacidad, etc.
• support and encouragement of social development actions and programmes among employees; and
• fostering of socially responsible investment in the financial community.

As a result of that strategy and of the advances made, Ferrovial remained in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, one of the world's leading sustainability benchmarks, and received numerous awards in the field of corporate governance and transparency.
Ferrovial was included in the global and European Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the fourth year running in 2005. As in previous years, Ferrovial was the only Spanish construction group to form part of that index.

In 2005, Ferrovial was chosen for the FTSE4Good index, which includes companies from around the world with a commitment to corporate responsibility. FTSE4Good assesses companies' social responsibility based on their actions for sustainable development and respect for human rights.

Ferrovial also forms part of other social responsibility indexes: Ethibel and ASPI Eurozone®.

Recognition and awards in 2005

• The Good Corporate Governance award, from "Mi Cartera de Inversión" magazine;
• The award for the Ibex-35 Company with the best practices in Corporate Governance and Transparency, from Expansión and Fundación de Estudios Financieros;
• The award for Excellence in Finances, from Asociación Española de Financieros y Tesoreros de Empresa (ASSET);
• The best CEO (construction sector), from "Institutional Investor" magazine;
• Europe's best investor relations team (construction sector) by "Institutional Investor" magazine;
• Europe's best investor relations professional (construction sector) by "Institutional Investor" magazine;
• Acknowledgement of complying with the Aldama Report recommendation regarding the publication of analysts' reports on the web site - Foro del Pequeño Accionista. | Descargar PDF | ©2006 Ferrovial