Ferrovial has a Strategic Community Action Plan which sets out its community policies, objectives and programmes in order to improve the alignment of its activities in this area with its strategic priorities, rationalise and optimise management, and define its medium- and long-term commitments.

Ferrovial's community actions focus on projects that are: developed in Ferrovial's surroundings and related to its activities; considered as an investment, with a focus on obtaining results in the medium term; and aimed at stimulating social development and not welfare actions.

In 2005, Ferrovial's main initiatives were aimed at reinforcing mainly two programmes: training and facilitating the employment of people with disadvantages and disabilities; and a focus on implementing programmes to enable company employees to help in community projects.

The main actions in 2005 were the implementation of "Plan Familia" to foster the social and labour integration of people with disabilities who are relatives of employees; the development of projects in the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Peru and Panama that were proposed by employees; and the "Stronger together" initiative under which Ferrovial and its employees contributed over 62,000 euro to fund a social project in Ecuador. In Valencia, Ferrovial signed an agreement with the Adaptive Sailing School to foster sailing among disabled persons and provide them with career guidance. In Murcia, Ferrovial signed an agreement in 2005 to develop the "Arboretum" project to restore the botanical garden in the El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park and to foster the social and labour integration of people with disabilities who will maintain it.

In 2005, Ferrovial became the first infrastructure and services group in the world to make its web site accessible in line with the AA standard and to work with suppliers to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility, specifically the Global Compact commitments.

In 2005, Ferrovial implemented the 3rd Competition to choose among projects proposed by employees. In 2006, the selected initiatives will be implemented in Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Ferrovial invested 1.3 million euro in community projects in 2005.

Ferrovial implemented initiatives to support culture, sport and community activities amounting to nearly 3 million euro in 2005.






Business and Parliament Programme

For the fifth year running, Ferrovial implemented the Business and Parliament Programme (Programa Empresas Parlamentarios) set up by the Círculo de Empresarios as a two-way channel for training and information: from the company to the Parliament, and vice versa.

Since 2001, Ferrovial has held 21 encounters (5 in 2005) with members of the regional parliaments of Andalucía, Aragón, Castilla y León, Ceuta, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands and La Rioja.

Information society

In 2005, Ferrovial became the first infrastructure and services group in the world to make its web site accessible in line with the AA standard of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The project is part of a strategy whose priorities include enhancing communications and dialogue with stakeholders and facilitating access to persons with disabilities in all areas where the company operates.

This initiative brings Ferrovial's web site up to the most demanding international standards in terms of accessibility, usability and visual design.

Ferrovial followed the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) working group, which set international criteria for creating accessible web content and are responsible for setting standards to ensure that web sites are accessible to all, regardless of hardware, software, ability or disability, network infrastructure, language, culture or location.

The web site also enhances access for other people who have difficulties in accessing the web site due to slow connections, illness or old age.

Ferrovial's web site is currently being audited based on the methodology used by Fundosa, the organisation of Fundación Once which focuses on social and employment integration.

The main figures on users and access to our web site ( are as follows:


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