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Virginia’s Main Artery

Virginia, United States

I-66 Outside the Beltway, VA View full project

Since 2016, this project has sought to transform one of the major arteries in Virginia, helping traffic flow, improving safety, and making life a little easier for all its users.

There will be additional lanes; dynamic traffic management systems will be installed; intersections and interchanges will be improved, all on Interstate 66.

All of this will be done without closing the highway to traffic at any time. That’s why the beams are transported at night, with no one around to see. Concrete and asphalt are reclaiming their territory bit by bit, not raising suspicions.

When this transformation is complete in 2022, the new I-66 will have 20 miles of express lanes with dynamic tolls (though it will be free for high occupancy vehicles) and new public transportation routes, and expanded parking areas. A dozen miles of bicycle and pedestrian paths will also be built alongside it, connecting existing routes on I-66.

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