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Krakow’s Epicenter of Culture and Business

Krakow, Poland

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For a split second, the stairs look like a mirage. The lines are lost in the lights, reflections, and height. It is only a fleeting sensation: the stairs are still there. Step by step, they direct us towards the depths of the palace, where music and theater take shape, where exhibitions feel welcome and conferences take full advantage of the acoustics.

The ICE Kraków conference center spans 37,000 square meters. Its glass profile, something akin to a ship’s hull, sails towards the future of the Polish city of Krakow. From its three floors, we can also see its past in the bends of the Vistula River and Wawel Hill, the final resting place of the kings of Poland.

The building has a total capacity for 3,000 spectators, divided into three rooms of different sizes. There are also several multifunctional spaces. It was built on the foundations of a previous building, which entailed remodeling iconic spaces.

The seats in its two main rooms are divided seas of yellow and red, a split reflected on the façade of ICE Kraków. Its shining glass front fades off to the sides. There, opaque rectangles take center stage, alternating shades of gray with solitary reds and yellow spotlights.

With its architectural modernity and artistic functionality, the conference center has spearheaded culture and business in Krakow. As history keeps pushing forward, the Vistula continues to flow calmly along.

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