Ferrovial La ingeniería civil como arte: creatividad e innovación

A Highway Linking North Carolina’s Mountains

North Carolina, United States

I-77 Express Lanes, NC View full project

The lanes on I-77 in North Carolina have been transformed from HOV lanes into express lanes. More than 20,000 vehicles travel on it every day. Despite everything, traffic jams are no longer common.

The construction project carried out by Ferrovial Construction is divided into three sections: two express lanes circulate on the I-77 in each direction between Charlotte and Exit 28. An express lane in either direction takes drivers from Exit 28 to Exit 36, seeking to minimize the environmental impacts on Lake Norman. The management of the highway is carried out by Cintra.

Beyond the asphalt, using numbers and machines wisely has made it possible to improve traffic management in Charlotte. Sensors and cameras dot the I-77 Express Lane, collecting data to gauge the highway’s needs in real-time. With these managed lanes, toll prices will be adjusted based on traffic. This means never traveling at less than 80 kilometers per hour on the express highway.

These fast lanes are the stars in photos of this highway. Not only do they improve travel times, but they also reduce traffic emissions.

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