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Glasgow, Scotland

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Glasgow Airport bears little resemblance to when it opened in 1933, almost 90 years ago. Of the original buildings, only the first terminal (built in 1966) is still standing. The airport has had a facelift since Ferrovial acquired it in 2006.

Scotland’s main airport has taken off in the last 15 years. It has tackled projects like construction on buildings and service areas, as well as the Digital Passenger Experience, a project aimed at strengthening the passenger experience in Glasgow both before and after catching a plane.

The projects done since 2006 include a quick-park area just outside of arrivals and departures for drop-off and pick-up, updating and expanding the terminals, and the construction and management of the Lomond Lounge. This lounge is an exclusive 419-square-meter waiting room that has made Glasgow the airport with the most VIP lounges in Scotland.

About twenty airlines include Glasgow on their routes to other cities in the United Kingdom, as well as Europe and beyond. The airport has become a catalyst for economic development in western Scotland. It has 187 employees and created 5,500 additional jobs. Considering both goods and passengers, it contributes some 1.44 billion pounds to the area’s economy.

Glasgow Airport, Glasgow (Scotland)

Glasgow Airport, Glasgow (Scotland)

  • Scotland
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