Ferrovial La ingeniería civil como arte: creatividad e innovación

A Symbol of Innovative Tradition

Logroño, Spain

Marqués de Riscal Hotel View full project

Centuries-old cellars survive under the ground. On the surface, the metallic colors of the 21st century shine brightly.

Altogether, they form a tribute to nonconformist tradition, designed by Frank Gehry and built by Ferrovial in Elciego, the heart of Rioja Alavesa. There, the Marqués de Riscal Hotel combines history and the avant-garde, innovation, and luxury in a building with vertiginous curves and complex masses.

The hotel’s 25-meter-high and 2,000-square-meter floor space was erected with a lightweight scaffolding system.

The hotel gleams with gray and metallic orange tones through its gold and red anodized titanium cover and mirrored stainless steel. Its complex curves and infinite lines seem to float thanks to three super-columns supporting the entire building.

From the ground up, the building is rooted in Rioja Alavesa via three large concrete pillars that function as stairs and elevators. Its metallic structure distributes the loads and acts as an anchor for the complex metallic waves crowning the building. Over it all are 3,400 square meters of titanium and steel roofs.

The project was carried out by Ferrovial. It’s built on Marqués de Riscal’s old wineries. Given the importance of keeping these underground cellars in perfect condition, the first of which was dug out in 1860, the construction was done without heavy cranes. The hotel, which stands at 25 meters high, covers 2,000 square meters built with a light scaffolding system.

The Marqués de Riscal Hotel is no less spectacular inside. Its 61 luxury rooms, including 10 suites, are spread out over two buildings joined by a walkway that seems about to take off. Each of the four floors is unique; each space is different, both in style and views. The building has been the symbol of the oldest winery in Alava since 2006, Spain’s first winery to innovate in artisanal wine production.

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